Tips to muster the courage to date


Strange are the ways of humans. Both men and women often develop cold feet to begin online dating even when they can remain unseen, almost completely anonymous. Even the shield of anonymity doesn’t seem enough for them to muster the courage to embark on this uncharted territory. They keep putting off the D-Day on one pretext or the other. 

Some claim they do not really need a relationship, some say they are too preoccupied with their professional careers to pay attention to anything else and so on. The simple truth in most of such cases is that they don’t have the courage to date.


There is no denying that it is not always easy to open yourself up to another person, get the right type of people and explore the friendships that could result in intimacy. Having said that, it’s also true that unless you take chances, you will remain deprived of a lot of good things in life. So it is necessary for you to develop the courage to date. And for this purpose, you can begin with some simple things as follows. 


1) Look for things that you love doing or talking about with other people. Become a member of a hiking club, book group, or join a class in music, yoga, or even art appreciation.


2) Try to develop friendships of the same sex. If you can engage yourself in some joint activities with them that take you into various types of social environments, you will get an opportunity to practice conversational skills with people belonging to both sexes.


3) Present yourself at your neighborhood coffee shop on a regular basis to just have coffee and smile at the other visitors. This will remove much of your unknown fears and make you bolder.


4) Join a suitable program for the betterment of your health. Never make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals you will be disappointed if you do so. Just focus on feeling to be in better health for all the efforts you make like exercise or maybe some dieting also. Dress well to give a boost to your personality.


5) Prepare daily a list of three things about yourself that are attractive or interesting.


6) Try to know from others how positive their experiences were with online dating.


7) Have a look at some online dating sites to find some of the others out there. Remember, this is a nice form of meeting others and numerous people have found their partners there.


8) It is useful practice to have small talk with others about mutual interests.


9) Invite someone of the same sex to do something with you. In this way, you can have some practice with invitations, and learn to handle "no."


10) Try to imagine yourself already on a date. Hear yourself talking, listening and sharing fun. Keep practicing in your head quite frequently till you start having some real fun in the process.


These simple things will help you get out of your self-imposed isolation and provide the courage to start dating someone. And once you take off, it will be real fun!